Helpful Hints On How To Effectively Care For Newborns

February 11, 2016 @ 9:34 am

Parenthood can be an exciting time filled with inspiring moments; it can also be very scary and highly overwhelming. Just as pregnancy and birth is a natural process, parenting can come naturally; however, it is more difficult as you are caring for another individual who can easily cause damage to themselves. This fear of failing and allowing them to harm themselves has led to many individuals having difficulty in parenting becoming confused and seemingly incompetent. In order to overcome these fears and get ‘back on track’ this article will provide some tips on how to effectively care for newborns.

1. Expect Emotional Overload

It is completely normal to experience an ’emotional overload’ when handling a newborn. This is a very stressful time, particularly for mothers, and dealing with the various responsibilities can cause different emotional reactions. It is often seen that aggression and agitation stems from being overtired; furthermore, a realization that one is facing a loss of independence can also lead to fear and anxiety attacks. In order to manage this it is important to stay calm and speak to others about the problems to share the burden. Remember, a lightened mood will never cause a distressed baby.

2. Establish Visiting Rules

It’s common knowledge that newborn babies will receive numerous visitors at almost all hours of the day. Loved ones and friends will generally want to share the wishes and congratulate you on your new addition to the family; however, it is not always the best idea to have these well-wishes present. In many cases, newborn infants are uncomfortable and anxious when in large crowds and noisy environments. To reduce the chance of distress, it is best to regulate the amount of people viewing the baby at one time and let them know how sensitive the infant is to external noises. It is also important that all individuals wash their hands before holding the infant as bacteria can be easily transmitted resulting in illnesses.

3. Go With The Flows

While it is important to have set rules and schedules with specified methods of completing tasks, it is just as important to ‘go with the flow’. As has been mentioned above, parenting can be stressful and an overcompensating approach with very restrictive regulations is often utilized. Unfortunately, this overcompensation can cause a stressful environment and this can result in an unhappy newborn; so, go with the flow to reduce any distress.

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