Some Beginner’s Tips To Finding A Good Babysitter

February 4, 2016 @ 9:32 am

Finding a babysitter can be quite simple, but finding a good babysitter can be daunting. In theory, the hiring of a babysitter is merely hiring someone to look after your child or children for a few hours. Of course, these are your children and not some toy monkeys so it is vital that the candidate is trustworthy and competent. There are the basic questions to ask and competencies to check, such as previous experience and qualifications; however, experience and qualifications don’t always mean they are the best fit. This article will provide you with some additional factors to review in order to locate the ideal babysitter.

1. Reviewing References

Reviewing references has become a common part of any hiring process irrespective of the job being pursued. While it is possible to hire an individual based on first impression without background checks, this is not advised as the appearance may not meet the true persona. The first tip to hiring the ideal babysitter is to gain both professional and personal references. This will ensure that you have insight into their professional background and competency; as well as a character reference to determine whether or not their personality is a good fit.

2. Evaluate Your Children’s Needs

While it is important to learn about the potential babysitter’s previous experience and background, it is important to determine whether or not that experience is relevant to your household. A great recommendation to help determine this factor is by considering your children’s needs and adapt the questions according. For example, if the child requires assistance with their English homework it may be beneficial to hire a babysitter with tutoring skills.

3. Interacting With The Child

One problem that could be experienced is that the babysitter may not get along with the child or children. While a babysitter may have experience with children there is always a chance that there will be communication problems due to a plethora of reasons. In order to determine whether the applicant has both experience and ‘gets on with the kid’, it is recommended you allow the child to meet the potential babysitter before making a final decision.

4. Follow Your Instincts

The final tip that this article will provide is to follow your instincts. It may be the case that one applicant meets all the criteria with flying colors, but if you do not feel comfortable with them it is best you do not opt for their services. Even if the child is comfortable with the babysitter, a strong gut feeling of discomfort by a parent is generally worth listening to.

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